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2021 Texas Cup Rules

Revised May 24, 2018

No player or spectator may bring, possess or consume any alcoholic beverage or illegal drugs when or where a Texas Cup Tournament game or practice is being held. This includes the field, stands and parking lots adjacent to the fields. Player is responsible for compliance of the above for anyone accompanying or invited by him. Any player or manager who violates this rule shall be suspended from playing and/or participating automatically for the remainder of the tournament including play-offs. Alcohol and/or illegal drugs will not be tolerated.


No smoking is permitted. This includes the field, stands and parking lots adjacent to the fields. Player is responsible for compliance of the above for anyone accompanying or invited by him. No chewing tobacco or snuff of any kind is permitted at any field.


No player may perform in a tournament game, practice, scrimmage or workout in Austin without having completed and signed the AMBL Player Participation Contract and is on file with the tournament director. All participants must be registered with MSBL/MABL National.


There will be a short conference held at home plate between opposing managers and the umpires prior to the start of every game. Line-up cards, which will consist of at least the LAST names and player's numbers (if opposing manager requests the numbers) will be exchanged at this time. The umpires will sign the home team's scorebook.

At the conclusion of every game, Home Plate Umpire will verify the score with both managers. Winning team manager and umpires will call final score into tournament headquarters within 2 hours of completion of game.


All batters and base runners are required to wear a protective helmet at all times, with at least one ear flap facing the pitcher when in batter's box. Double flaps are strongly encouraged, however, at all times. Catchers will wear skull caps while behind the plate during all games.  All base coaches are required to wear a protective helmet at all times and skull caps are acceptable


Bats may be wood, wood composite or metalwood (wood barrel metal handle) . Bats may not exceed 36" in length and/or exceed 2 5/8" in diameter.  No exceptions. The penalty for use of illegal bats shall be immediate ejection of the offending player from the game and a one game suspension and an automatic out. If the ball is put in play, it is a 'dead ball' and all runners must return to their previous bases.


All teams must have full matching baseball uniforms consisting of caps, numbered baseball jerseys, baseball pants, belt, sanitary socks and/or stirrups. Teams having sponsorship will be allowed the sponsors name on their uniforms via patch or on the back. This shall include players, managers, base coaches, bullpen catchers, home plate conferencing members and anyone actively participating on the field of play.


Base runners shall not collide with any defensive players. In the case of a base runner colliding with a fielder, the base runner will be called out and may, at the umpire's discretion, be ejected from the game. All base runners may either slide or give up their right to a base (avoid a collision by stopping or leaving a base path) and/or, if the defensive player (e.g. catcher) has possession of the ball, is in the act of receiving the ball, or is about to immediately receive the ball and will be able to make an apparent play on the base runner. Fake tags are not allowed.


No player while pitching may wear white or gray sleeves, nor may a pitcher wear a batting glove or wristband while pitching. One intentional walk per game will be allowed. The four pitches must be thrown. If a pitcher hits 3 batters in any one game (including the playoffs), the pitcher must be removed on the third hit batsman and may not re-enter as a pitcher in that game. There is no limit as to how many innings a pitcher may pitch in a game or in the tournament. Pitchers who have been removed may re-enter the game as a pitcher one time only but not until 3 consecutive outs have been made. Pitchers are allowed up to 5 warm-up pitches to start the game, in between innings and when replacing an uninjured pitcher. If a pitcher is removed due to injury, the replacement pitcher may receive up to 8 warm-up pitches.


Each team may have two designated players who may have courtesy runners. The courtesy runner will be the last batted out. Designated players must be noted on the line-up card before the game starts at the home plate conference. You may not save designated players or add them later in the game. If a designated player is removed from the game, becomes injured or is ejected from the game, that team loses that courtesy runner. You may run for the pitcher and catcher only with 2 outs in any inning. Runner for the pitcher and catcher is also the last batted out. If a designated player refuses the courtesy runner, the designated player loses the courtesy runner for the rest of the game. If an incorrect courtesy runner is used, opposing team has only one pitch to protest to the umpire and runner will be ruled out. If courtesy runner is protested, then the pitch will be ruled a dead ball. However, if the courtesy runner is ruled as the correct runner, then the pitch thrown will count as ruled.


Players may play any and all defensive positions. Defensive substitutions do not affect the batting line-up. In the offensive line-up, if a player is pinch-hit or pinch-run for he may not return in the game offensively for any reason (including the event of another player's injury or ejection). If a player is removed from the offensive or defensive line-up due to injury, that player may not play either offense or defense for the rest of the game.

If a batter steps into the batters box who is not on the line-up card and/or who has not been announced to the umpire and the opposing manager shall be automatically out. They may be entered into the game correctly at a later time (after at least one other batter has completed an at bat). Batting out of order or using an incorrect batter will also result in a automatic out. If an incorrect batter steps into the batter's box and the opposing team does not protest before the first pitch is thrown to the incorrect batter, then the player becomes part of the batting line-up and this becomes the player's new position in the line-up.


You must have at least 8 players to start the game. A team must bat a minimum of 10 players unless only 9 are present, and, if due to injury and/or ejection, a team has only 8 players in the batting line-up, then only the 9th spot will be an automatic out. If a team has 9 players and bats 9 players then the opposing team may bat 9 players also. If a team has a 10th player show up to the game then they must be inserted into the batting lineup or be ineligible to play in the game. If at any time a team has only 7 players the game becomes a forfeit. You can add to the bottom of the order at any time and the National A&B system is legal. If a player voluntarily or involuntarily (ejection) leaves the game, he must leave the facility, and if no pinch hitter is available, the team may compress their line-up without penalty.


There will be a 10 run rule in effect after 5 innings. Team behind must have at least 5 full at bats. Run rule will be in effect in all playoff games also. If a game becomes lopsided or out of hand, a team behind may stop playing at any time if it chooses (mercy rule).


If a team forfeits due to absence, the score shall be 9-0. A team that forfeits after the game has begun the score shall also be 9-0 no matter what the score was at the time the game was stopped. If both teams forfeit, the score shall be 0-0 and no points given. Any team caught with an illegal player shall forfeit all games that the illegal player participated in (See Rule #3).  A team that forfeits 1 game will be ineligible for the playoffs.


All games will be 9 innings or 2 hours and 30 minutes which ever comes first. Games may end in a tie. No new inning will start after the game has reached 2 hours and 30 minutes. In the event of rain, lightning, man-made happening, etc., games will be considered a complete game after 5 complete innings or 4 1/2 innings with the home team ahead. The losing team must have had at least 5 full at bats. If a game is stopped in the middle of an inning and cannot continue, then you revert back to the last completed inning. All playoff games will be played in full, with no time limit.


Teams qualifying for the play-offs will be determined by the following tie breakers in this order:

      A. total points (3 points for a win and 1 point for a tie)
      B. games head to head
      C. total runs allowed
      D. total runs scored
      E. coin flip


No physical or verbally abusive attack may be directed towards any player, manager, umpire, or spectator, before, during, or after a game. Absolutely no profanity is allowed. Players guilty of such conduct shall be immediately ejected from the game, suspended from further participation and shall remain suspended until their conduct is reviewed by the Tournament Director. Players guilty of such conduct shall be subject to suspension for the remainder of the tournament. Any player ejected from a game by an umpire shall serve a minimum 1 game suspension for each team the player is on. If a player or manager is ejected from a second game in the tournament, he is automatically suspended for the remainder of the tournament.


Dugouts and fields shall be cleaned of all trash and put into cans provided at the conclusion of every game.

Protests must be submitted to the Tournament Director withing 2 hours of completion of the game. Games may not be protested on judgement calls by umpires.


Tournament Director has final and only say in any rules disputes, clarifications, and/or protests.


No metal spikes are allowed in any batting cage facililty. Any player caught in batting cages with metal spikes will be suspended for the duration of the tournament.


Home team will occupy the third base dugout throughouut the tournament. If a team has a doubleheader at the same field and are already occupying a dugout, they may remain in their current dugout. Home teams in the championship games will be the highest seed.


All players must be at the division required age by December 31st of this calendar year. You must be 18 years of age to play in the the 18+ division at start of tournament. Any tournament official, manager and/or umpire may at any time ask for proof of age (player showing drivers license, I.D. Card, Etc.). Any player that is unable to immediately show proof of age and/or identity will be declared ineligible and that team will forfeit that game and any other games that player previously played in. Any player found to be ineligible will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.